✗ Why Therapy Is Not Working For You

✗ Why Therapy Is Not Working For You

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Therapy is a funny thing when you think about it. You are trusting someone you do not know with your deepest secrets, regrets, and insecurities.

When you go see a therapist you are choosing to admit that you need some help and you do this with a total stranger.

That is a beautiful thing! It takes strength to seek out help and be willing to open yourself up. I am proud of you! 

So you have sought out help and you have been going for a while now and you feel like things are really not working. Well, there might be some things that you have not stopped and taken a look at. 

Specify I am talking about looking at you. I know that seems a little rough but friend we all need to take our portion of the responsibility in every situation. 

So let’s look at some reason therapy might not be working out for you. This is not a comprehensive list. I just wanted to hight light a few areas for you. 

Some Reasons Therapy Might Not Be Working For You:

  • You are not being honest with your therapist. They are not mind readers. They can only help you if they have the whole picture.
  • You are not putting in the work. Your therapist will not do the heavy lifting for you.
  • You might not be ready to make a change in your life.
  • You are not opening your mind to new skills or suggestions. E.g. if they ask you to journal and you immediately jump to – nope! then really ask yourself why that is such a hard task for you to do? Why not give it a try? What could it hurt to give it a shot?
  • You might need to try a different therapist. If you have given your therapist ample time to get to know you and the areas you need help in and things are not changing then you two might not be a good fit.
I know it feels like I am picking on you right now but I promise you that I am not.

But what I do want is to:

  • Bring your attention to your half of the therapeutic relationship and ways you can help yourself improve your experience.
  • I want you to get all the tools and help you need to improve your mental health. 

We all need a “tune-up” in our lives and I am a strong believer in therapy. You do not need to have a major traumatic event happen for you to see a therapist. Sometimes you just need a reminder on how to communicate or how to have healthy boundaries. 

Remember friend, we are all still learning all the time no matter our age! Be open to new things and take the time to listen and learn. 

Your challenge:

Reflect on what ways you could improve your therapeutic relationship with your therapist, concealer, life coach, mental health advisor, etc. 



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