✗ Try Shaking Up Your Routine

✗ Try Shaking Up Your Routine

Do you find yourself feeling bored?

How about feeling like you are on the hamsters wheel of life? Same thing different day?

Routine is a good thing, do not get me wrong I love my routine, but when we are unwilling to step outside of that routine is when it gets a little muddy.

As humans we like routines, but we are not here to wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep and repeat our whole lives away! Don’t your agree?

My Story:

I started taking photos because it made me change up my routine. It allows me to get out into the world and see things through a new lens.

Photography is one of those things that I do not get to do often but, I always find joy when I am doing it. I love driving around taking photos – 90% of the time they look like trash but thats ok!

I was in yearbook when I was in High School, that is the extent of my knowledge of photography. So this is not where I tell you how to be a kick ass photographer (sorry).

My mom was the one who encouraged me to take photos. It started with her asking me to go for a walk with her and she brought two cameras with her. 

Lets Chat!

I would like to take this time to chat about what you do that gets you out into the world. What gets you out of your routine? 

You do not have to make radicle changes, try small changes out of your routine.

Try going a different way home from work, go for a walk in a new area, or try a new drink at your favorite coffee shop.

Then take some time to see how you feel about your day to day life, better. worse? Just take a little time to reflect on how a little change can shake up your view on life.

※Your Challenge: Today I challenge you to try doing one thing outside of your routine.


I love taking photos! I do not claim to be a photographer- it is just something that I find brings me joy. These are some photos that I love & I hope you do to!

Photo Credit: Kayla Goheen
Photo Credit: Kayla Goheen
Photo Credit: Kayla Goheen



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