✗ Food Prep/ Part 2

✗ Food Prep/ Part 2

Off To The Grocery Store We Go!

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In Food Prep/ Part 1 we went over making lists to make your food prepping adventure easier.

I would like to talk to you about going to the grocery store! For some this is a fun time, for others, this is their worst nightmare.

It is funny that I now consider going to the grocery store as going out…. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not haha. On the other hand, my husband hates going. You just need to figure out where you land on that scale and come up with a plan that works for you.

I like to break up the tasks that you need to do for food prepping. If you are like many people you might become overwhelmed with the idea of food prepping for a whole week, for three meals and snacks all in one sitting.

My Suggestion:

⇢ My suggestion to you is to make your lists (grocery and menu) and then go to the store. I like to make my lists the night before we go to the store so that I do not feel rushed.

Personally I do not like having to go to the store than prep my meals for the week. If you like doing this then please, by all means, do it all!

My brain does better if I make my lists the night before we go to the store, go to the store the next day and prepare dinner for that night than the day after do my meal prepping for the week.

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I know it seems like a long-drawn-out process. Play around with what works for you! I will make my lists and go to the store on the same day. Then the following day do meal prepping for the week. I just have a thing about having to go to the store than prepping for the week so I break those two up.

Breaking It Down:

I am a firm believer that by preparing for the week it is easier to make better food choices. But, it took me a while to figure out what food-prepping schedule worked well for me. If you feel like you can do all three steps:

  1. Grocery List/ Meal plan
  2. Go to the store
  3. Prepare meals for the week

Then please do that, I am not saying that you have to break it up as I do. I just realized that by breaking it up I do not become overwhelmed and it does not take me a whole day to prepare my food.

I am all about low-stress friends and I encourage you to find what works for you.

※Your Challenge: Try two food-prepping tips out this week.



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