Your environment is all the places you spend your physical time in (e.g. home, school, work, gym, car) as well as who you spend time with. If you are always around people that suck the life out of you, than I am going to go ahead an guess you probably are not feeling very good about yourself or feel very worn down. 

As social workers we are taught to use a perspective called person-in-environment. The National Association of Social Workers Press states, “The person-in-environment perspective in social work is a practice-guiding principle that highlights the importance of understanding an individual and individual behavior in light of the environmental contexts in which that person lives and acts” (p.1). 

I would like for you to take a look at your environment and take note of the places you feel calm in and the places you feel like you want to run away from. I would also like for you to take note of the places that you do not enjoy being in but you tolerate.

Photo Credit: Lisa Fotios

When it comes to our environment I believe that having a clean and organized space is good for the mind. That being said I also believe that there are different types of clean and different types of organization for each person- that is perfectly ok! I will be sharing some tips on how to organize and keep your different environments clean. By keeping my home as well as other areas in my life clean and organized has helped improve my mental health. I hope that my tips can also help you! 

✗ Kayla 

Reference: Kondrat, Mary Ellen. “Person-in-Environment.” Encyclopedia of Social Work, 2013, doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780199975839.013.285.