✗Are You Broken?

✗Are You Broken?

Do you feel like you always seem to mess up?

Do you feel like something is wrong with you?

Do you feel like you are never doing what is expected of you?

I want to take this time to remind you that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! Please stop that negative self-talk right here and now.

We are all a little dark and twisty, that does not mean you are broken or less deserving then others. You deserve to be happy and to love yourself.

Friend, you have patterns to unlearn, new behaviors to learn and healing to do. That does not mean you are broken; it means that you are human and you have a little TLC to do on your noggin.

Many of the people I worked with talked about feeling broken. Often times they felt that they were at rock bottom and did not know how to get back up again.

I know that it may seem like you will never get better and that life keeps serving you up a sh** sandwich but, please keep on going friend.

The lessons you are learning right now will help you for the rest of your life. I know its hard and you might want to give up – but I am here to remind you that you got this and it will get better, just hold on okay!

I have listed a few suggestions that have worked for my patients as well as for myself. I hope they help you find a little peace to be able to keep moving forward.

My Suggestion’s:

↬ Make time to take care of yourself A.K.A self-care time.

↬ Take time to take care of your physical self (inside and out)

↬ Identify the areas you are struggling with or that are causing you pain.

↬ Start journaling/ reflecting. You can do this by writing, typing, recording, drawing, painting, chatting with yourself in the shower.

↬ Work on forgiving yourself as well as others that may have hurt you. If you are caring around hate, it takes up a lot of room and hinders your ability to grow and heal.

↬ Find a therapist, life coach, empath, counselor; someone that you can talk with openly and honestly about what is going on with your feelings.

Friend, you are not broken. You are a strong, intelligent, and beautiful human being! It is time to start seeing your worth.  

※Your Challenge: Pick 3 of the suggestions listed above & give them a try.



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