✗ Are You A Lot For People?

✗ Are You A Lot For People?

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You Are A Lot – HECK YEAH!

Have you been told, “You are a lot for some people?” Well, friend! Then those are not your people.

You are a lot! That’s right I said YOU ARE A LOT! But, not in a negative way, others may have said it to you in your past.

You are a person with:

  • A lot of emotions
  • A lot of personality
  • A lot of strength
  • A lot of creativity
  • A lot of love
  • A lot to offer this world

Friend, there is nothing wrong with being “a lot” for people who just want to drag you down. If they feel like you are too much for them than they do not need to be in your circle. Do not let them tell you how to act or look. Do not give them the power of deciding who you are!

I want to encourage you to take a good long look at the people you have around you. If they are not happy for you when you are happy than they need to go. Those who truly care about you will be happy for you and not want to cause you pain or bring you down.

Live your best life
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I want you to be so happy and busy with what makes your soul happy that you have no time for hate, guilt or anxiety.

Do not give people who do not matter the power to change your life. You are the one that has to live your life no one else. Make your like marvelous no matter what, because you only live this life once.

Do not let their or your negative self-talk get in to you. You are in control of your life friend!

※Your challenge:

Ask yourself to consider the source of the opinion you are putting so much weight on. Friend, If they do not have your best intentions at heart than they do not want to see you happy. You should not care what those people think of you. Live your best life friend and be yourself!



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