✗ 15 Coping Skills For Anxiety

✗ 15 Coping Skills For Anxiety

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Coping skills are the techniques you use to minimize or tolerate stress, anxiety, conflict, and anger. In order to cope, you need to make a mindful effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems.

In the post, Your Anxiety Is Lying To You, I go over symptoms of anxiety as well as other ways to manage your anxiety.

Friends the following is a shortlist of coping skills that you can use when you are anxious.

Coping Skills:

1. Take a break and separate yourself from others; Find a quiet place.

2. Deep breathing: inhale through your nose for 4 seconds & exhale through your mouth for 6 (repeat as needed).

3. Talk to someone you trust.

4. Workout, go for a walk, do some yoga

5. Practice meditation or mindfulness techniques

6. Take a shower or bath

7. Use aromatherapy (e.g. candles or oils)

8. Journal- get your thoughts out on paper or whatever feels most comfortable to you.

9. Draw or color

10. Take a nap

11. Hang out with friends or loved ones.

12. Get out of your house/ change your environment

13. Play with your pets (if you have them).

14. Sleep Hygiene, get your zzz’s

15. Find a Therapist

This is not a comprehensive list if you find something that helps you cope with anxiety make a note of it. You know your body and mind better than anyone else, remember that.

Your Challenge:

Try a new coping skill for a week. After that week try out another coping skill!

✗ Kayla


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